Why having a freelancer mindset ?

If you want to make money online as a Freelancer, you should learn many freelancer skills that are called “soft skills” and it’s different than the “hard skills” or “services”. 
Most people make see freelancing as an easy money venture, which it can be of course, if you do the right things at the right time. Nevertheless, not having the right freelancer mindset when going into the business is a perfect recipe for disaster and failure. On the other hand having it will set you up for success.

What freelance skills should you acquire ?

1. Tenacity


No is not a rejection, it’s a redirection.

As a freelancer you will have to face rejection from time to time. Hearing “No” shouldn’t be classified as a negative thing. And most importantly you can’t let this get you down; be tenacious while working toward your goal of building a successful online business.

2. Decisiveness


Freelancing for beginners is usually harder if you acquire some freelance skills needed for freelance jobs then you’re ready to go. Now you have the ultimate decision-making power about your work priorities and about how you’ll spend your time and resources. This freedom is a blessing but can be a curse if you don’t do it effectively.

Don’t be someone who keep changing their minds about what to do next, usually because of a lack of self-confidence, or you will have a hard time bringing the required level of decisiveness to your work, which will prevent you from getting results.

3. Risk tolerance


If you want a successful freelancer mindset you should aim to win and not be afraid of loss. Building calculated risk taking skill is vital for your growth and success, safety is for people with a 9-5 job, if you want to get results that others don’t get then be ready to do things they don’t.

4. Just-in-time Learning


It’s easy to fall into procrastination and inaction trap if you’re trying to learn it all upfront. Learning can be part of the project and it’s a lifelong process. In other words, don’t keep postponing sales because you feel like you need to know it all in advance, it’s not going to happen.

5. Self-Awareness and Self-Management


In a traditional job, this is a skill that your manager had and he knew probably more about you than you did, he used this knowledge to increase your performance and manage you effectively. Now it’s time for you to take this in charge because it’s one of the skills freelancers need everyday. Start by analyzing your energy levels, your motivations, mood swings, etc.. and make sure you’re getting task done in this sweet spot where you’re at your best state.

6. Managing Your Finances


Making money is one thing. Managing money is another thing.

If you want to succeed with your freelance business you better learn the basics of personal finance management. You can land a high-paying client and earn a huge amount of money but lose it the week after, just like those who win in the lottery but they don’t have to mindset and skills to save, invest and spend this money.

7. Professionalism


Acting childish and reacting with impulse to your clients will just destroy your personal brand, If you want to be taken seriously as a freelancer, you need to earn the trust of your client. Learn effective communication, keep your promises, do your job within the agreed time scale and maintain high-quality standards, always put your clients first and ensure their satisfaction.

8. Flexibility


Forget about the daily routines you had as an employee, with fixed working hours and tasks. In freelancing, no two days are the same. The projects you will take on will vary in size and complexity, so will your working hours. Be ready to adapt and learn while meeting expectations.


This 8 freelancer skills are crucial, no matter how skilled you are in building websites or writing, if you don’t have a freelancer mindset and you deliver it with professionalism, on time and ensure your clients are satisfied.. you won’t last in the business for too long. We will share inspirational content to help you shift your mindset so make sure to join us on IG and YouTube.