Today I’m going to take you through some tips around managing your availability with becoming more important nowadays because we’re working remotely and not around it, we have to signal when we’re available now if you want to understand a bit more about the why and hear my ten cents worth and opinions.

Switch your Microsoft Teams status manually to available

The first point you should do is double-check that your Microsoft Team’s status is appropriate. To customize your Microsoft Teams status, you can choose from six different status screen settings. The following are the default status settings:

  • Available
  • Busy
  • Do not disturb
  • Be right back
  • Appear away
  • Appear offline

Microsoft Teams status manually to available

You must have your Microsoft Team’s status set to available at all times. This is how you may retain the status of Microsoft Teams as accessible.

  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app or go to the Microsoft Teams website. We’ll be using the web version in our scenario.
  2. Enter your username and password to access your account.
  3. Click on your Profile icon.
  4. Finally, click on your current Microsoft Teams status, which is located beneath your name, and select available from the drop-down menu.

Instructions on how to use the Microsoft Teams status message

The state prompt is frequently not used, but can be very useful. People can see instantly what you are doing when they talk to someone. It shows to the home screen people 3 things:

  • What project you’re working on
  • The people that you need to speak to (they will get the notifications)
  • The location of where you are


Automatic check-out Microsoft Teams status after 5 minutes

Microsoft Team’s status will change to” absent” after 10 minutes, except if you are an active user of the application. This status can make employees appear “Away” even though they are simply working within a different application, and running Teams in the background does not help.

This is a known frustration with users.  Does Microsoft plan to add update this feature anytime in the foreseeable future? So far Microsoft has only offered workarounds, which are not adequate nor do they meet the customers’ expectations.

Microsoft Teams


To stop Microsoft Teams from auto-changing your Microsoft Teams status, you have to ensure that your PC stays active and did not deactivate into nap. Whenever your desktop goes into standby or inactive mode, Microsoft Teams status automatically supposes that you are no more using the PC platform and your Microsoft Teams status changes to absent.

How does Microsoft Teams define the availability?

Microsoft keeps track of your availability on the app for both “available” and “away” Microsoft Teams status. Furthermore, if you are using the program in the background, your status will disappear.

How to avoid Microsoft Teams to be viewed?

You must keep your PC active and prevent it from slipping into sleep mode to avoid Microsoft Team’s status from coming up. You can use third-party software to move your cursor across your PC screen, such as a mouse jiggle or a mouse program. Microsoft’s employees track your cursor movement and presume you’re in the room. Your Microsoft Team’s status will stay available in this manner.

Keep Microsoft Teams status as ACTIVE and the best trick to avoid Away and OFFLINE

Active whithin Offline

do you want to appear active and available to your clients and colleagues or just want to impress your boss by showing him that you are working really hard, and you are always active in Microsoft Teams outlook then this post is about appearing active or available on Microsoft Teams outlook or skype for business even when you are away

so what does active available status mean as per Microsoft Teams and skype supports website active status means you are online and available to contact now you must be questioning how teams knows that we are actively using our computer or not the answer to that is it detects your mouse movement or keyboard activity and declares you Online and when you are not using your mouse or keyboard for a period of three minutes to one hour depending on your settings Microsoft Teams will automatically change your status to recently active or away from this we come to know that our mouse or keyboard should be actively working.

To keep status as active but how can we even do that when we are away the answer to that is mouse jiggle software which automatically moves your mouse and tricks Microsoft Team’s status to show you is active

Teams will never know that you were away and not using your computer, this trick will work for all Microsoft Teams, zoom, skype and outlook.