The reason for the fullness of the storage memory in the iPhone is due to several reasons, but the biggest reason is due to our lack of real knowledge about some of the features provided by the iOS operating system in saving space; Among these reasons are the following:

  1. The presence of a large number of photos stored on the iPhone memory.
  2. Download and store files that we want to use temporarily on the iPhone and not delete them continuously.
  3. There are a large number of programs that we do not use, as the files of these programs take up a good amount of storage capacity.
  4. Download media files automatically on chat programs such as WhatsApp and Telegram, note that these programs take up a very large amount of memory, and I will explain the matter to you shortly.
  5. Shooting 4K video clips, and this is very important in terms of consuming storage capacity in iPhone phones, as every minute that is filmed in 4K quality consumes an area of ​​400 MB, meaning if you shoot a 10-minute video, you will use approximately 4 GB of Mobile storage.
  6. Files that are sent or received on social networking programs during chat.
  7. Not activating the “Optimize iPhone Storage” feature on the iPhone, and this is a feature that I will explain to you shortly.

Does iPhone update take up space?

Yes, IOS update takes up some storage space; With each update of the iOS system, some files and programs for the operating system are added and improved, as the size of the download file for the iPhone operating system increases, but the difference in the size of the update file and the file originally installed is not necessarily large; But there may be a small difference and does not exceed 100 megabytes.

What are other (other) files in iPhone

They are files that are created and stored on iPhone phones as a result of the normal use of the phone, which consists of application files and accounts that you create on each application, in addition to the cache files of those applications.

Also, they are media files and chats that are exchanged with friends and groups in various chat programs, in addition to cache files that are stored from Internet browsers.

How to delete other files on iPhone

Here I will explain to you how to get rid of other files on the iPhone, and I will tell you why they exist:

Delete the movie downloader files.

If you are a movie lover and use movie download programs, especially the Netflix program to save and download some movies on your phone, here you should delete the program’s remnants, especially if there are a number of movies that have not been fully downloaded.

To be able to delete Netflix files, go to Settings > General > Space > Netflix > drag the videos to the right > select Delete.

Delete safari browser files

When you browse the Internet, the sites you browse will store cache files on your mobile phone, and these files you as a user do not need, especially those sites that you do not use regularly, so you need to delete unnecessary files from the Safari browser.

In order to delete unnecessary Safari files, follow these steps:

Go to settings.
Scroll down to “Safari”.
Scroll down and click on the “Clear history and site data” option, but here be aware that you will be logged out of all the sites that you have logged into before, such as Facebook, for example.
Then from the bottom of the menu click on Advanced options.
Click on the “Location Data” option.
Here you will see all the sites that store their data on your mobile phone. Click on the option (Delete the files of all sites); Note the picture.

Delete chat program files

We all use chat programs on our phones, and these applications take the largest share of the storage capacity on our phones, especially the Telegram or WhatsApp application, and in order to delete unnecessary files for these applications, you must do the following:

Delete the extra files of the WhatsApp application to get rid of the files of others

Go to Settings > General > Storage capacity (and here you will find all the applications with the space you use from your mobile memory) > Scroll until you reach WhatsApp > Click on the Offload App option, as in the picture.

Note that if you click on the Delete App option, the application will be completely deleted.

Delete unnecessary telegram files.

If you are subscribed to a number of Telegram channels or one of the groups, and these groups send videos and photos continuously, all these photos and videos are stored on the phone’s memory and consume a very large part of the memory.

Therefore, you should free up this space from time to time, and in order to be able to do that, apply the steps I mentioned to you about WhatsApp on all the chat applications that you want.

Activate iPhone Storage Optimization Feature

This feature is very useful for you if you have a good capacity on iCloud, where you can buy 50 GB capacity on iCloud for 1 dollar per month, so this feature is useful in that the photos will not be stored on your phone, but will be stored on the allocated cloud capacity You, and they are displayed in the gallery from the cloud and not from your phone.

To activate the iPhone Storage Optimization feature, follow these steps:

Go to settings.
Click on your account profile picture (Apple ID).
Then go to iCloud.
Scroll down until you find the option Photos (photos).
Activate the option to optimize iPhone Storage, as in the picture.

Buy more iCloud storage.

If the storage capacity in your phone is somewhat small and you need additional capacity, you can buy additional capacity from iCloud, and as I told you a while ago, you can buy an additional 50 GB for $1 per month, and in order to be able to purchase additional storage capacity, follow these steps:

Go to settings.
Click on your account profile picture (Apple ID).
Then go to iCloud.
Then control the space (manage storage).
Click on the Change Storage Plan option.
Choose the package that suits you, then click on the Buy option, on the right from the top.

The best program to clean iPhone memory from excess files

With regard to this matter specifically, I personally did not find a good iPhone cleaning application that provides the service of cleaning files correctly and as well as in Android programs, but in general, the Master Cleanup program is the best of those programs from my point of view, where you can download it from here.

Clear iPhone RAM

Generally; A large amount of RAM is exploited in iPhone phones due to the nature of the operating system that iPhone phones run on, so sometimes you need a program that helps you clean the RAM of the iPhone in order to speed it up, and one of the best programs to help you with this is CPU-x dasher z battery life.


Finally, I hope that I have succeeded in providing an easy and simplified explanation of how to clean the iPhone memory and what are the reasons that lead to the phone’s memory being full.