All freelance jobs are hard and they take too much time and effort to accomplish right? Guess what..that’s wrong! Not with this list of the easiest freelance jobs for 2021 and beyond.

In fact, many freelance jobs can be done by beginners, and they pay a decent amount of money that varies between 5$ and 25$ an hour. In this article, I will list for you the top 8 easiest freelance jobs that you can do and start making money online with freelancing today even if you have no previous experience.

1. Transcription

easiest freelance jobs

Transcription is one of the easiest freelance jobs that anyone can do. Clients will pay you to watch long or short videos and write a transcription for them. The more videos you transcribe, the more money you earn. You can earn even more if you can understand and write in more than one language, which will give you a wider range of clients to work with. The only requirement for this job is to transcribe videos without making any mistakes; otherwise, the client will reject the work, and you will not get paid eventually.

2. Proofreader

easiest freelance jobs

Proofreading is another easy freelance job you can do if you’re looking for some quick cash. Your job will be to proofread, double-read, the work submitted to you by the client, and correct all spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, or any other type of mistakes you find. Similar to transcription, the more writing you proofread, the more money you earn, and if you speak more than one language, you will have more job opportunities.

3. Translation

easiest freelance jobs translation


While it is not possible for people who speak only their mother tongue, translation is one of the easiest freelance jobs that you can do if you speak two languages or more. Your job will be to translate the content of your clients from one language to another. Translation jobs are paid 0.10$ per word on average, but this rate varies depending on the context of the text and the target and source language of translation. For example, translating a 500-word article about medicine from Chinese to German will surely be more expensive than translating a 500-word article about an everyday topic from English to Arabic.

4. Reviews and comments writer

easiest freelance jobs comments and reviews writing

Reviews and comments writing is one of the easiest freelance jobs on our list. Owners of small businesses and brands often hire people to write reviews on their products and services, or they hire people to comment on their blog posts and social media posts. This way, these brands increase engagement on their posts as well as increasing credibility to their news customers. Writing reviews and comments is a low-paying job, but it is a good start for people who just want some quick cash in their pockets.

5. Data entry

easiest freelance jobs data entry

The next one on the list of the easiest freelance jobs is Data entry. It generally means typing data into electronic formats such as excel files or web pages. For example, let’s say that a person (client) has a bunch of old printed receipts which he needs to save somewhere before the receipts fade. If this client doesn’t have much time to copy each receipt to his laptop, then he needs to hire a freelancer to do this job for him. So your job will be to copy the pieces of information from those receipts to a certain digital file format that the client chooses.

6. Virtual assistant

easiest freelance jobs virtual assistant

Another way to earn money as a freelancer is to work as a virtual assistant. Your job will be to help your client on a full-time or part-time basis to finish some daily tasks for him. That includes replying to emails, setting appointments, or, sometimes, making calls. Generally, the tasks you need to do as a virtual assistant are simple and don’t require any profound experience, which makes it one of the easiest freelance jobs that you can do.

7. Customer service

easiest freelance jobs customer service

If you are a good communicator, then customer service is the right choice for you. Business owners are always in need of freelancers who can reply and help solve problems for their customers. You will have an in-person interaction with prospects and existing customers to answer their questions over the phone, through emails, or social media platforms. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it’s considered to be an easy freelance job that you can start with to make money from home.

8. Voiceover


easiest freelance jobs voiceover

Last but not least, one of the easiest freelance jobs on the list is voiceover! The job of voiceover artists is simply to read and record the scripts that the clients provide. Generally, voiceover artists work with YouTube content creators who want a professional sound for their videos. Voiceover artists are also hired if, for example, the scriptwriter is not a native speaker of the script language. In this case, clients tend to hire a voiceover artist who has a native accent to assure the clarity of their videos.


It’s not a shame to start off your freelance career with easy jobs, it’s actually a smart move as long as you’re willing to grow and develop your skills along the way. Don’t get stuck at this point forever, always extend your comfort zone. Join us on IG and YouTube to get more inspiration to start and grow your Freelance business.